Charting New Paths

Enjoyed my time in observing children relate with the Almighty in worship. Reminds me of my heartcry for childlikeness in trusting that His arms are not too short.

I found myself in a place where I realised that with my nurturing heart, I would actually struggle much if I married a man who doesn’t share my passion for nurturing kiddies – our own & spiritual surrogates. This I am thankful U protected my heart cos U probably know I would be hurting much from having to manage that ache.

Today I noticed I had gone through the day with more normalised heart.
– Tears: none of sadness.
– Thoughts of cd’ve beens: amazingly, none even considering possibilities of future.
– Future opportunities: more than last week as I considered a new area I cd invest my time into.
– Seeing blessings in disguise: much more clearly.
– Recognising God’s faithfulness: much quicker.
– Heart moved by the Almighty’s faithfulness: more intensely.
– Cynical thoughts: lesser than yesterday.
– Laughter: heartier than 2 weeks ago.
– Rejoicing with Others: a lot more readily.

This sunset marks the tail-end of one tough season of my heart, by the power of the Almighty whose arms are never too short!


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