Possible Reconciliation?

Question posed to me, in response to a raw wound in the process of being scrubbed.

Honestly speaking, this far into the game, after all that I’ve processed through, with all the strength put in to give him up…. My response would be, “What’s the point of asking me now?”

– Because I wasn’t the one who gave up. (so… qn shd b posed to him, cos he gave up)
– And I wasn’t the one who stood on suggestions that it’s over – irreversibly over – right from early on in the game.

Since judgement calls have been made to decide on the verdict early on, what’s the point of asking this now? My questions are now:
– To the one who gave up: How exactly did u process? What exactly did u process? Was the Almighty even in the picture when u decided to walk out on the exact opposite of what u felt just months prior?
– To some who decided it was irreconcilable fr the beginning: what made you so sure that there wasn’t even a suggestion towards working things through? Or simply because he gave up, therefore there is no longer grounds for attempts any longer?

Does it really matter? At this juncture, I am just asking: What’s the point now?

The only point is: I’ll be the “specimen to be studied & lessons derived from”. Yeah.. I guess cos I am strong enough to take this brunt & survive yet another day. I am afterall, touched by the supernatural, ain’t I? lol…

For the records, it has never been me to give up just like that, especially when our hearts are meant to be living on a supernatural plane. Unless a choice is made by the person involved to refuse the power of the Almighty. So yes, I do believe there is room for things to be worked through. But I also understand it takes both hands to clap.

At this point, I know it’s clear I need to step aside. Because whatever I say to him will never be taken as truly loving him, with processed heart & near-zero vested interest (still being perfected).

So that I am clear: I need my space, so does he. At this point in time. Leaving the future to U, Abba. Only a man whose heart is touched by Your power & strength.


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