A tagline which I’ve been using for over 1.5 years. Was something that got stuck in my heart when I asked Abba if He is really for me. As in… on my side, really wanting the best for my life.

It’s the kind of stuff I knew about in the head, experienced to a certain extent, but only recently got a lot more convicted through my encounters with Abba. Just as a couple of years ago, He had this “I love you” fiesta with me – must have whispered a thousand times that He loves me. Just to ensure that I no longer doubt that He DOES LOVE ME.

These 18 months, He has been reminding me again and again – I.M.4.U. Now that I look back, I know that I really needed to be very sure of this now. Just about 6 months ago, I finally came through the fatalistic thought that all good things in my life will always come to a bad end somehow. Kinda like jinxed per se. lol… Silly? Not really. If you know the historical drama in my life, you would cough softly and refrain from commenting anymore. hahaha…

I came through the fatalistic thought that this beautiful thing with him will become a nightmare somehow… somewhere… And yeap… in some sense it has at this point. It kind of reeled me back to this thought for awhile, till I came across this song again, which I must’ve listened to about a hundred times by now.

I know for sure, no matter what happens, You are 4 me… for my good stuff in life, for everything to be turned to good, in Your time…


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