Daily Toilet Prayers

Literally, tears flow freely now, while I have my most private moments – on the “throne” or in the showers. Probably cos it’s most out of sight place at home, and cos that’s where I have some moments to myself, away from the rest of the world.

Pleas from the depth of my guts:

Under Your shadows, Almighty,
Keep me this I plea
Hide me beneath Your strong hands
From the thorns of memories which entraps my mind
And the condemning arrows which assails my heart
When I need to stand still
Lead me to stay firmly, at the spot U choose for me
When I need to take a step
Draw me ever so gently, towards the path U so please

Only, Lord, I choose U, because I know U are altogether good
For I know nothing will ever tear me away
From Your loving eyes
Your loving line of sight
Ever watching, never slumbering
Ever constant, never wavering

Let my heart be so to U
Ere I lose my footing to my soulish battles
For I know no other ways
Than the goodness U have always shown me
Lead me back… Lead me firm…
Till I see U once again
And allow U to show me the battle scars
And how each scar a blessing to Thy heart



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